1KG All In One Grow Bag


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No way to sterilise your grain? No problem!

Our all-in-one grow bags are pre-sterilised and are made with 200 grams of millet and 800 grams of CVG (Coco coir, vermiculite & gypsum).

Growing mushrooms just got a whole lot easier.

All you need to do is innoculate the millet with your gourmet mushroom liquid culture of choice and wait. Once the grain is fully colonised, mix it with the CVG substrate and allow it to colonise in full. Once your bag is completely white, it’s time to put your bag into fruiting conditions! It’s as simple as that.

Please note that colonisation times, fruiting times and yield will vary based on your chosen gourmet mushroom strain and your growing conditions such as temperature and humidity.


Please note that grow kits will be shipped separately at no extra cost.

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