Magic Mushroom Spores Ireland

Magic mushroom spores Ireland

You might be wondering if you can buy magic mushroom spores in Ireland. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can! Emerald Spores is the first store on the emerald island of Ireland to stock and sell magic mushroom spores. Please visit our Magic Spore Store to see the latest strains we have available.

Are magic mushroom spores legal in Ireland?

Yes! Magic mushroom spores are legal in Ireland. Magic mushrooms are not legal, however. The reason for this is that magic mushrooms contain a substance called psilocin which is illegal. As magic mushroom spores are essentially seeds and don’t contain psilocin, they can be purchased legally. We have another post that gives a little more information on the legality of magic mushrooms in Ireland. You can view that here.

Is it legal to grow magic mushrooms in Ireland?

While our magic mushroom spores are fully viable, it is not legal to grow magic mushrooms in Ireland. Once magic mushroom spores have been germinated, they contain psilocin which is the illegal substance in magic mushrooms. It is for this reason that we kindly request that you do not contact us to ask for advice on how to grow them. Legally, we cannot be giving you advice on this.

How do you ship magic mushroom spores in Ireland?

We’re glad you asked! All of our magic mushroom spore syringes are created by us in the most sterile conditions possible to avoid any contamination. Any amateur mycologist will tell you the importance of being in a sterile environment when working with magic mushroom spores.

Why would I buy magic mushroom spores in Ireland?

Viewing magic mushrooms under a microscope has become very popular among amateur mycologists. If this is something you’re interested then we highly recommend trying it out!

Interested to learn more? Check out our range of magic mushroom spore syringes in Ireland.

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